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Auditing company "Ertel-Audit"

The audit firm Ertel-Audit has been active in the market of audit services since 2000. During the time of its activity, it has proved itself as the Firm, which, above all, satisfies the needs of the client and professional attitude to the accomplished tasks.

Our audit services are provided in strict confidentiality and allow us to establish the correctness of accounting, management and tax accounting. During the work of the Audit Firm, our clients were representatives of state enterprises and private, small and large enterprises, enterprises of different directions of activity.

Head of OOO "Audit Firm" Ertel-Audit "
Swede Oksana Nikolaevna

One of the main principles of working with the Company’s staff is the continuous improvement of the skills of all employees. Participation in seminars on auditing, accounting and tax accounting, training courses, interviews and professional disputes with colleagues, self-introduction and discussion in the team of the current legislation are the main components of theoretical knowledge. And the constant application of this knowledge in practice allows our clients to receive professional audit services, and we enjoy the quality of work.

Valid member of the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine (FPBFU)
Member of the Union of Auditors of Ukraine
Member of the Union of Experts of Ukraine

The main tasks we solve during the audit:

  • definition of real financial condition of the enterprise of clients;
  • the establishment of compliance with the current legislation on accounting and accounting in business transactions;
  • optimization of accounting and taxation;
  • determination of completeness and timeliness of transfer of taxes and obligatory payments;
  • providing advanced recommendations for improvement of the financial and economic activity of the enterprise;
  • transformation of financial statements in accordance with international standards and principles of accounting;
  • legal registration of economic activity.


The word outsourcing comes from English outsourcing (out – external, source – source). This word is called the transfer of some internal functions to service the company to another company-executor.

In the modern world, only those companies that conduct business in the most effective way succeed by optimizing operating costs while maintaining high quality goods and services. One of the most successful business models that make it possible to gain competitive advantage is outsourcing.

The main principle of outsourcing is that the company leaves itself only that it can do better than others and passes external executor what it does better than others.

The most common types of outsourcing are: accounting, law, personnel, IT outsourcing, logistics or transport outsourcing, outsourcing of personnel, etc.

Not necessarily have your own accountancy. Instead, you can use the services of an outsourcer, but simply speaking – to transfer all affairs related to accounting, external specialized company. This option is suitable for those who want to save and make their business mobile, as well as those who just never have to deal with numerous financial documents and forms of reporting.

One of the areas of our activity is outsourcing in accounting and tax accounting. In this area, we assume the responsibility and responsibility for accounting and tax accounting of your company, compilation of financial and tax reports.

Certificates of the Audit Company ``Ertel-Audit``

  • Auditor of the “A” Series No. 004296, issued July 19, 2000.;
  • Certificate “SAR” No. 0005780, issued December 16, 2006.;
  • The certificate of a judicial expert № 739 on economic examinations was issued by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on December 20, 2002, extended till December 22, 2008.; extended till December 16, 2023.
  • Member of the FPBAU, Member of the Association of Experts of Ukraine.


Auditors of the "Audit Firm" Ertel-Audit "Ltd.

Babi Galina Petrovna 101407 Certificate of Auditor No. 003458, 0662114273; galuna.babiy@gmail.com; Limited Liability Company “Audit Firm” Ertel-Audit “- 2514
issued by the APU from
September 24, 1998 No. 69
Kroochuk Veronika Mikhailovna 101405 Certificate of Auditor No. 003603, 067 8514842; krochuk@meta.ua; Limited Liability Company “Audit Firm” Ertel-Audit “- 2515
issued by the APU from
December 18, 1998 # 73
Tkach Mariya-Natalia Stepanivna 101450 Certificate of Auditor No. 000424, 067 9097088; mnatstkach@gmail.com; Limited Liability Company “Audit Firm” Ertel-Audit “- 2516
issued by the APU from
30.11.95 No. 39
Fedun Oksana Vladimirovna 101401 Certificate of Auditor No. 007090, 063 9824110; oksanaf@ertel-audit.com; Limited Liability Company “Audit Firm” Ertel-Audit “- 2517
issued by the APU from
07.07.13 number 274
Swede Oksana Nikolaevna 101399 Certificate of Auditor No. 004296, 067 9033070; oksana@ertel-audit.com; Limited Liability Company “Audit Firm” Ertel-Audit “- 2518
issued by the APU from
19.07.00 №93
101297 Auditor’s certificate # 007837, (050) 383 11 30; tt@pavlenkopartners.com; PAVLENKO AND PARTNERS. AUDIT AND CONSULTING LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY – 319
Tatiana Merkulova issued by the decision of the AAP of 12.07.18 №363 / 2 Ertel-Audit Auditing Company – 2514;
Auditor’s certificate №4352,
100644 Auditor’s certificate №4352, +38 067 410 26 27; 0741852963@ukr.net; Private enterprise “Audit firm” Activ -plus “- 2509;