Economic expertise

Economic expertise

During the procedure of economic expertisean expert economist determines documentary justification of the amount of shortages and abundances of inventory holdings and cash resources,displays how cash resources, securities, salary accounting, salary payments, and other payments are reflected in financial accounting; displays gross income and gross expenditure on business transactionsthat are subject to profit taxation, VAT tax obligations and credits in tax accounting due to the effective legislation, analyses financial condition index numbers and other issues concerning company’s business and financial performance.

Expert examinations are held according to the written applications (letters) from individuals or/and businesses whoindicatewhich issues should be examined. The results submitted by experts can be used as evidence in court at the hearing of the researched case.

We carry out forensic economic expertise in the following fields:

examine financial and tax accounting documents

examinecompanies’ business performance documents

examinedocumentson financial and credit operations


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