Accounting services

Ertel-Audit AuditingCompany offers an individual approach to the process of management accounting implementation. We are considering targets, strategies, interests, values and traditions of every client

Our company has accumulated a great experience in organization of tax accounting, which requires apart from accounting data specially designed tables – tax ledgers.

Due to the customer’s needs, the listed services could be carried out in full or partially, i.e. we can perform only certain types of services and procedures specified by the customer.

We are happy to assist, support and substitute you in crisis.


Analysis of company’s business and financial performance

The key task of the analysis is to find and duly eliminate weak points in business and financial performance, to search reserves for financialconditionimprovement.

advisory services on certain issues of business and financial performance

express analysis of business and financial performance

advanced analysis of business and financial performance

Tax optimization and planning
During the tax planning processa company chooses between different ways of performing financial operations and transactions and allocation of assets in order to reach the best level of tax liabilities

Compilation of reports and accounting (outsourcing ):

  • organization, recovery and maintenanceof accounting and tax records
  • compilation of all types of statements and their submission into corresponding governmental bodies
  • automationof accounting process

When implementing tax planning, an enterprise chooses between different ways of carrying out its financial and business activities and placement of assets in order to achieve the optimal level of tax liability.

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